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The Moon Waxes And Wanes

The Seasons Change

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These were things she knew about herself:

1. She isn't human.
2. Her flesh is cold to the touch.
3. Iron and steel burn her.
4. It hurts when she lies.
5. She can work magic of cold and night.
6. She used to be something else.
7. She used to have a name. It started with an 'M'.

Things have changed. A person she loved and knew before found her and answered some questions. She is Fae. She had children. She had a people and a kingdom. But that belongs to a woman with another name. A woman who remembered and lived so many lifetimes before. Who loved and lost and changed so greatly she needed to start over again.

Not all of her old sins have been left behind. Not all of her virtues remain. Maeve has to find out how much remains and what she will have to build new. One step at a time.

Muse and mun are over 18.
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